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"My experience with Aubrey today was life changing. She allowed me to let go of pain and trauma that has been with me all of my adult life . A sensitive intuitive woman with a gift to heal ... l would recommend anyone to go and see her .
Sister much love
You are trust ♥️"

"Where do I start about Aubrey and her amazing talents in massage and cranial sacral therapy.... She is truly gifted... I met her at a music festival in Michigan and she literally saved me that day as I had a horrific headache and her technique was so good and so unique and I felt so much better in only 30 minutes with her... it was a life saver...I had to learn more about what she did that day... I was so impressed by her methods I hired her for a 2 hour session at my home... It was the first time I had ever had cranial sacral massage done and it was life changing... Aubrey has such a spiritual gift for this modality of healing.... Its unlike anything I've experienced... The emotional release was unexpected but powerful and she tuned into my body and chakras and there as such a healing spiritual shift that happened within me and I wasn't expecting body really responded to her healing touch and I've been getting massage done for 15+ was truly an experience you MUST try. If you ever have an opportunity to have her work on you..DO IT. She is JUST THAT GOOD at what she does...I cannot recommend her enough. She's truly an amazing human being w an even more amazing spirit!!"

Pauline R.

Amy R.

"Thank you so much goddess Aubrey, I loved today you are a beautiful soul .. as I said I had an angel assigned to me that gift was you .. bless you. I feel so at one and peacefull .. xxxx…I wish I had recorded or written everything down that we discussed .. I truly loved the experience and felt the energy shift , since I’ve had it done my chest lungs feel clearer as I was struggling with cold also ..I feel at peace thank you dear lady.  xxx"

“…Aubrey is pure magic. The divine feminine embodied. She held beautiful, supportive space for me to purge some heavy negativity and trauma that has been sitting so stagnant in my body for way too long. I mean, WOW. I actually felt energy move out of my body. The space that was freed up was instantly filled with so much love and peace and compassion for myself. I felt physically lighter and my vibration was palpable. It was like I was floating afterwards. I’m so grateful I had such a grounded Earth sign woman to guide me through that process and support me through every single breath and every single tear.”

Margaret Anne F.

Alexandra K.

“After recently having a breakup, I saw Aubrey for a massage/healing. We didn’t talk much about my issues; she seemed to intuitively already know. I lied down and felt as if I entered some sort of trance state. It’s hard to describe exactly what took place. I left feeling lighter, refreshed, and it seemed like that nasty feeling in my belly was no longer there! Highly recommend Aubrey!”

“…I am happy to sing praises of your work for sure! I cherish the memories of you bringing your massage table into my living room. Saying ‘excellent massage’ is not enough praise for your attuned, intuitive, respectful, presence and bodywork. My sense of well-being went from achy and overstressed to soothed, contented, and inspired. I look forward to the next time you’re available to visit again.”

Austin P.

Sylvia K.

"Aubrey has healing hands! I had slept without a pillow and totally jacked up my neck. I could only turn my head in one direction. She worked on it for about 10 minutes but when she was done I was amazed! Full motion returned in my neck with almost no pain left over. I recommend working with her -- not only because she has healing hands but also because she is an extremely compassionate person with a huge heart and a lot of love for humanity."

"Aubrey is an incredible healer and bodyworker. Her work is some of the most intuitive work I have EVER had. I cant wait until she is back state side so I can get more work from her again. She's worked with me for multiple bodywork sessions and each one was exactly what I needed."

Alex S.

Christy G.

"Aubrey is an incredible healer and bodyworker. Her work is some of the most intuitive work I have EVER had. I can't wait until she is back state side so I can get more work from her again. She's worked with me for multiple bodywork sessions and each one was exactly what I needed."

"Aubrey is definitely gifted with healing hands and a loving heart. I have struggled with pain and restrictions since a car accident in my Mid-twenties and have worked with many healers and she is definitely a true conduit for helping others in their journey to well-being. I feel blessed to have been touched by Aubrey and her willingness to share her gifts."

Miguel O.

Tammy H.

"I have had massage before, but I have to say Aubrey is terrific! She knows what she's doing and understands the body well. Sometimes I felt some pain but I had some really tight muscles. I plan to go back again!"

"Wow, that's the first thought that comes to mind after my time with Aubrey. I have been in pain and discomfort for a long time and looked for help and relief from other professionals from different areas of expertise. I've worked with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other massage therapists but Aubrey's skills put her in a league of her own. She takes her time to understand your body and really gets tuned in to what's going on. She found knots and stress that no one could. There's still work to be done but I'm excited to see what else she can do for me. Thank-you Aubrey, your energy touch, and insight was an incredible experience."

Michael W.

Mike W.

"I have had hundreds of massages around the country. Aubrey is by far of the top, best massages I have ever had. She is so professional and extremely well versed in her craft; better than I have experienced. Respect her and you will not regret high-class service!"

"Aubrey is amazing folks! She is very familiar with the human body, and had me feeling like a puddle of jell-o (in the best way possible) by the end of the session. I honestly need to plan my next trip to Michigan now, so I can make sure she'll have a time slot open for me!"

Hussam K.

Vince C.

Aubrey did an outstanding job. She was on time and very professional with her work. Her hands are very gifted and amazing and her knowledge is at the top of the chart. She educated me in so many ways on things I can do to improve my health. I really feel so much better after just one session. She is truly the example of integrity and first class. I will definitely schedule a second appointment.

Aubrey was amazing. Haven’t found a good deep tissue person in years and Aubrey isn’t just good she’s amazing. She found and alleviated more problem areas than I even knew I had. Looking forward to our next session.

Ronald S.

Rob H.

I’m speechless.......Aubrey is absolutely incredible. I worked in health and wellness and in fitness/spa setting for years. She is by far one of the best therapists I’ve had.

I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY LOVED THIS!!! Aubrey is fantastic, warm and friendly, helped my frozen shoulder. I can’t say enough good things about Aubrey and her work. I highly recommend this.

Eric S.

Aladdin S.

Aubrey is awesome—my legs and back were so tight that I could hardly walk… a day later I’m moving around much better. She booked the appointment same day on short notice and really helped me out. She will do treatments that are right for you not just a standard massage. She helped coach me through proper breathing and is a good listener. She’s very professional and has good techniques. Highly recommended!

I've had several massages throughout the years - and have therapists in my immedaite family - Aubrey's massage was the best trigger point deep tissue I have ever received. She focuses on repair & relief and knows just what to do. - Her endless knowledge of the body systems and its connectivity were apparent in her technique.- She was calming and encouraging for me through some of the tougher work, and explained her method perfectly. She even focused on areas I didn't know were issues until she worked them out. I'm booking again and again -It was a total body experience with immediate relief of symptoms. If you're seeking a knowledgeable (extensive additional training and specialties), confident, and capable therapist for REAL relief - don't hesitate.

Jake L.

Amanda H.

This woman knows what she is doing , she doesn’t just give a massage she actually fixes the problem! She is headed some where with this I will say that ! Great personality. Literally the best I’ve ever had!!!!

Jeff A.

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