Coming Full Circle

Greetings, beloved!

My name is Aubrey Musolf. What an honor it is to be sharing my story with you today.

I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist for the last seven years and my journey with this healing path has been nothing short of exciting. 

That is to say I wasn’t always interested in the healing arts. Whenever I’m asked now how I got into massage therapy and yoga, my answer is always “it chose me.”

As a child and young adult, I was far more invested in music, concerts and live events to be exact. I started going to concerts when I was eight years old (synchronistically enough, that was the age I started receiving massages as well). To say I was obsessed with going to concerts is an understatement. I was seeing concerts with my mom and sister for years until I hit 15 years old. Then my mom finally allowed me to start branching out with my older friend and ex-babysitter to start seeing the Pop Punk and Pop concerts I was dying to attend in my pubescent rise. One of my first concerts as a young adult was The All-American Rejects in 2008. It was life-changing to say the absolute least.

Fast forward to the end of high school and at least 50 concerts later, I started interviewing bands for a website my friend referred me to and looking seriously into university for Music Business. Once I started getting a feel of the life of someone in the music industry and connecting with musicians and their crew, I knew where I wanted to go in life. I ended up applying and attending Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan in their Music Industry Management program. Conventional education was never really my forte and I ended up dropping out after one semester and moving back home. Still going to concerts, still interviewing bands, but a bit directionless and very depressed.

Fast forward yet again to a year and a half of being out of school and working the same dead end job since I was 14 to the fateful day that changed everything. I went for a massage at my local studio to the therapist I’d been seeing since I was 10 years old. She knew me, watched me grow, and saw something in me I couldn’t see myself. I was telling her how I didn’t know what to do with myself having dropped out of university not once but twice at this point and then she said it. “You should go check out the school I went to and then you could work for me.” Never truly considering massage therapy as a profession I could find interest in let alone passion for, I decided, ‘why not?’ I mean, what did I have to lose at that point? I saw it as an opportunity to make more money and in my own words, use it as a stepping stone to get me into the business I was most interested in…live music.

I attended the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy from 2013-2014 where I received certifications in not only Massage but Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release (two huge components that make me stand out as a therapist amongst the rest) as well as my licensure in the state of Michigan.

I started working for a healing arts center the summer of 2014 in Brooklyn, Michigan and that’s where things really began to take off. My massage practice was being highly regarded and I was recognized as a talented therapist right out of school. I was making more money that I’d ever made and connecting with people in ‘high’ places, like the President of the Michigan International Speedway who hired me at my first big festival where I worked with artists (some of whom helped him book) like Third Eye Blind, The Neighborhood, Grouplove, Andy Grammar, Fitz and the Tantrums, Elle King, and more. Granted, I wasn’t massaging at this first festival, but I was running the entire footprint and making sure everything went smoothly. I had my own golfcart, all-access pass, and in-ear headset. I was kind of a big deal.

My career shifted as I started branching out to different studios after being let go in 2017 and moving my practice to Plymouth, then West Bloomfield, Ann Arbor, and eventually Adrian.

It wasn’t until 2017 that my “Full Circle” moment happened. I had connected with a lighting designer from LA while he was in Detroit and we became fast friends. During the summer of 2017, he was on tour with some of my favorite bands so, wanting to see him and the show, we linked up at the Fillmore in Detroit in June. The band he was working with…The All-American Rejects. I spent time with him and some of the band after the show and the night ended with them loading up onto the bus and heading to Cleveland. After a night of drinking and gallivanting, I woke up the next morning to a text that said, “Tyson (AAR Lead Singer) wants you to bring your table to Cleveland, we’ll pay you.” Needless to say, I cancelled my entire day, grabbed my equipment, and hit the road.

Since then, I’ve worked with countless artists at different venues and I am continuing to expand my practice as a therapist to the stars, lining up more concerts, more events, more festivals, anyone and everyone I can share these gifted hands with.